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The following eeGuidance resources are designed to address a subset of our landscape analysis findings.  These are designed to provide you with a summary of a need or issue we have highlighted and provide recommendations and best practices for addressing that need. Once applied, these eeGuidance resources will help us to close the gaps identified in the landscape analysis findings in order to strengthen our field overall.  Using these resources, you can make more precise and informed decisions which will ultimately lead to more effective strategies and actions.

eeGuidance Hub

for Equitable Pay
& Hiring

Adopt more inclusive hiring practices and address inequities in compensation and benefits packages to make our field more equitable, welcoming and sustainable.

for Evalauation

Evaluation offers a powerful tool for learning in environmental education. Successful programs embed their evaluation tools into the program structure, making it an integral part of the activity.

for Collecting Demographic Information

As we work toward a more equitable field of environmental education, having more comprehensive demographic data is crucial.

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