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Landscape Analysis

In 2020, the Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance embarked on a brand new undertaking — a landscape analysis of environmental education efforts in eight southeastern states. This project was the result of a collective desire to gain an enhanced understanding of the environmental education providers in our region who are working towards similar goals.


To understand the landscape of environmental education in the southeast, we surveyed more than seven hundred environmental education providers. This analysis resulted in the development of invaluable tools for looking at the field as a whole. These tools are a visualization of the outcomes of the analysis and can be used to build or strengthen environmental education programs and networks across the Southeast and beyond.


Since then, we've expanded the landscape analysis to include K-12 Schools, Teachers, and Administrators. In 2022, we surveyed more than 600 teachers and administrators to better understand what, if any, environmental education was taking place within and outside the classroom. Similar to the tools for looking at the field, we can now offer tools to help meet the needs of teachers, students, and administrators.


With the Resource Hub, you can begin to explore the reports developed from each analysis, dashboards for each data set, ongoing research, and resulting resources based on the analysis.

Resource Hub

Through this resource hub, you can access reports, case studies of model initiatives, a searchable dashboard and maps, and more. Search, filter, and export datasets through an interactive dashboard. Discover new partners and programs in your area. Identify gaps and barriers to access. Build and strengthen your networks. Use it as a model for your own region. Cultivate collective impact. The possibilities are endless!

EE Providers

Take a deep dive into the landscape of environmental education providers in the southeast.

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EE Providers

Explore what EE providers and programs are available in your local area. 

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EE Providers
Climate, Equity,
& Education Map

Add education, environment, and community layers to our map of providers.

for Equitable Pay
& Hiring

Adopt more inclusive hiring practices and address inequities in compensation and benefits packages to make our field more equitable, welcoming and sustainable.

for Evaluation

Evaluation offers a powerful tool for learning in environmental education. Successful programs embed their evaluation tools into the program structure, making it an integral part of the activity.

K-12 Schools

Learn what schools, teachers, and administrators are doing, what they need, and the barriers they face.

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K-12 Schools

Take a closer look at what teachers annd administrators need.

Learn More
& Videos

Get to know each of the tools and resources available to fully explore the lanscape analysis.

for Collecting Demographic Information

As we work toward a more equitable field of environmental education, having more comprehensive demographic data is crucial.

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